Vivir is the most awarded distillery in Jalisco - spiritual home of Tequila. Volcanic natural spring waters and only the finest, sweetest, ripest Weber Blue Agave is used across the whole range, with the average age of the agave at harvest being upwards of nine years. All this extra time and effort Vivir expend means than their super-premium tequilas deliver unmatched smoothness, flavour, and intensity, while the decades of success and smart business at the distillery mean that we can bring these top-end delights to you at a great price here in The Bottle Club online shop.

You can’t go wrong with Vivir. The Blanco is bright and clear with a peppery hit, the Reposado is perfectly balanced, and the Anejo sings a deep tune with notes of caramel, oak, and vanilla from years of slumber in fine old bourbon barrels. Shop online for Vivir today and unlock the next level in your Tequila appreciation journey.

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