Vini Fabiano

Vini Fabiano are a giant of northern Italian winemaking. Their range, which you’ll find in our online shop, bring you superb examples of the region’s best loved and most famous styles, from Amarone to Proseco. Vini Fabiano’s home is in fair Verona, where we lay our scene, although production first began in Venice, over a century ago in 1912. Francesco Fabiano and his son Sergio first began to sell their wine to the traders of Venice, who quickly cottoned on to the outstanding quality of the wines. The Fabiano’s are an industrious clan, and by 1950 they had scaled up their operation and moved north west, to Verona. From there they began to produce their Amarone, which, with its intense garnet-highlighted colour, warm, elegant taste, and mouth-watering tannic structure, set Vini Fabiano head and shoulders above the rest.

Enterprising as ever, Vini Fabiano continue their expansion to the present day. Today they have a hand in wine production across all of the Veneto, supporting farmers who grow the healthiest grapes possible, in order to bring you the finest wines imaginable. Grab your bottle today from our online shop.

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