All the spirit; none of the alcohol. That’s what STRYYK is all about. This brand is on a mission to make non-alcoholic spirits cooler than ever, using modern technology to get their inventions as close as possible to the real thing… without the hangover.
After reflecting on the woeful lack of non-alcoholic spirit choice in UK bars, Alex Carlton from Funkin Cocktails started working on a low-carb, low-cal, no-alc spirit to give non-drinkers a way to partake, and drinkers a way to take a break. The result was a series of STRYYK negatives; Not G*n, Not V*dka, and Not R*m. What they lack in ABV, these no-alcohol spirits make up for in taste. STRYYK’s Not G*n has a near-identical flavour profile to a London Dry Gin, Not V*dka tastes exactly like a smooth vodka, and Not R*m tastes like, you guessed it, aged rum. Buy a bottle online today and try it out in your favourite drink, or grab a pack of their pre-mixed cocktails to see just how great non-alcoholic spirits can be.

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