Round up the boys for "Lad-entines"

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Round up the boys for "Lad-entines"


Lad-entines night in is a fun alternative to Valentine's Day. It's a night for the boys, or men, to get together and have some fun. It's also a chance to spend some quality time with the lads without the Mrs around!

Essentials bevs for a 'lad-entines' night in

Now, if you're looking to host a 'lad-entines' night in, here are some essentials:

  • Great bevs. You can't go wrong with beers of course. Plus, they'll be sure to impress your friends with a Keg of premium quality beer. If you want to go the extra mile, how about treating the group to a bottle of your favourite whisky?
  • Games. Try playing cards or poker (which can actually be quite competitive). It's always fun when there's something at stake--and maybe one of you will win something too!
  • Snacks! This is a must-have for any game night; snacks will keep everyone going strong even after the game ends (or before it begins).

If you're looking for a bit of competitive fun, why not try a game of darts or poker? If you're feeling less competitive and more relaxed, why not just play some table tennis? If you're in the mood to keep the bevs flowing, a game of beer pong wouldn't go a miss here! 

If you're planning on a 'lad-entines' night in, then music is the perfect way to set the mood. If you're looking for something to play during your drinking games (and who isn't?) then make sure to get a good playlist on the go.

Snacks are important. We love popcorn, chocolate and Baileys ice-cream sundaes... It's a shame that these things aren't healthy, but we'll just have to deal with it!

So there you have it, a fun alternative to traditional valentine's day. Lad-entines night in is the perfect excuse to get together with your bros. We hope this article will inspire you to get your friends together and celebrate the love your group chat shares.