Vita Citrus Infused Vodka, 70 cl

Vita Citrus Infused Vodka, 70 cl

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NATURAL CITRUS – Experience a fresh, citrus infusion from natural lemon peel extract for the perfect mix of tartness and sweetness when you choose our vodka lemon.ENJOY WITH WATER – Discover the world’s first vodka specifically designed to be mixed with water for a delicious, fresh and light bodied premium vodka drink, bringing an end to the soft drink era.CAREFULLY CRAFTED – Triple distilled in our family-owned distillery on the shores of Barcelona, this 70cl vodka is carefully crafted with over 150 years of wisdom and experience.LOW CALORIE – Enjoy our vodka drink completely guilt free, made from 100% natural citrus and with no sugar, additives or no artificial flavours.MEDITERRANEAN VODKA – Capturing the region’s spirit, our lemon vodka is proudly made with fresh Mediterranean ingredients and distilled in Barcelona for a truly authentic vodka infusion. Read more.

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    Vita is born for those that aim to drink responsibly. Those that don´t want to restrain themselves from enjoying the pleasure of drinking. That want to enjoy a delicious, fresh and light-bodied drink with a unique organic citrus essence. Those that seek a spirit that when mixed with water the end flavour is worth their time. Those that want to move on and believe - just like us - that we are finally in the end of the soft drink era.

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    Fresh, citrus infusion

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