Elit Vodka, 70 cl

Elit Vodka, 70 cl

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Hand selected Grain sourced purely from Tambov (renowned for its black soil) is triple distilled and then sent to Riga to be blended with the pure waters sourced from local artisan wells. The resulting liquid is purified using exceptionally fine qurtz sand and passed through Russian birch wood charcoal. There is a final freeze filtration before bottling. If that feels as if there's a lot of care that goes into making this terrific vodka then you'd be right. Makes a cracking Martini. Read more.

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    There can't be many of you out there who haven't heard of the brand Stolichnaya and most of us are aware that it's Russian. But did you know that Stolichnaya is translated to mean capital city whilst some suggest that it might actually simply mean'Table Vodka'. Also, the image on the label is that of Hotel Moskva and a Metro station in Moscow (Another great Pub Quiz fact)

    Tasting Notes

    Exceptionally smooth and slightly viscous

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