St Abbs Six Spice Rum, 70 cl

St Abbs Six Spice Rum, 70 cl

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The six-spices of St Abbs' spellbound cargo are cast in our barrel enhanced silver rum and hexed with a black-strapped ration of dark caramel. The result is a deep, sailor's-style spirit cursed with a rum-loaded body, black-toffee overtones and a complex balance of soft to sharp spices and buttery biscuits. Texture is smooth and full with a sweet and spicy middle cut and a long, lightly dry finish. Spices leads with ginger AND vanilla taste, has clove and soft black pepper undertones and rolls into a long cinnamon and subtle star anise finish. Read more.

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    Based throughout the Caribbean (Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago) St Abbs's Rums have 15 individual marks that define the spirit of St Abbs Reserve Rum and are all fermented from molasses, a natural by-product of sugar production and the historical source of all traditional Caribbean rum. This fermented molasses is distilled at its country of origin before these young rum spirits undergo some early stage blending in Barbados & Trinidad. Column still marks are produced across all four of the source countries, but the richly flavoured pot still marks are produced only in Jamaica & Guyana. Each individual mark brings a different characteristic to St Abbs Reserve Rum and they have all been carefully selected for the key aromas, flavours and textures that they bestow.

    Tasting Notes

    Spice with a hint of ginger

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