Smirnoff Cherry Vodka, 75 cl

Smirnoff Cherry Vodka, 75 cl

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Indulge the natural essence of Smirnoff Cherry. Infused with plump ripened cherries this Smirnoff delivers a distinct freshness that bursts on the palate. A delicious start to a sensational night. Loved by everyone and a classic taste of premium vodka, this is Smirnoff. At its base Smirnoff is triple distilled giving it a supple clarity and clear smoothness. A world-renowned name in infamy and stardom you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Smirnoff’s finest. Read more.

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Each box can comfortably fit two regular sized 70 & 75 cl bottles along with a few other goodies! Box Dimensions: 197 × 330mm × 101mm

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    Founded in 1864, the Smirnoff brand traveled from Russia to the rest of the world due to our award-winning quality and smooth liquid. We pride ourselves on bringing our famous beverage to connoisseurs and newcomers alike, assuring the consistently great taste and quality expected from our traditionally distilled vodka

    Tasting Notes

    Notes of plump, ripe cherries

    What our customers are saying


    When you think of Russia, the chances are you’ll also think of vodka and when you think of Vodka, you’ll think of Smirnoff. This famous brand of vodka from Diageo started life out of a distillery in Moscow and is now being produced all over the world. It was created by Pyotr Arsenyevitch Smirnov 1864 whose innovative charcoal filtration took the market by storm. He got the word out through newspaper advertising and suppressed the usual clerical calls for temperance with a few well-placed bribes. Pretty soon it was the drink of choice for Russian royalty and has become synonymous with the country.

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