Havana Club x Skepta 7 Year Old Anejo Rum 2.0, 70 cl

Havana Club x Skepta 7 Year Old Anejo Rum 2.0, 70 cl

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Back for round 2!! Havana Club and Skepta join forces with this exclusive collaboration inspired by the brand's Cuban roots and Skepta's Nigerian heritage. At the heart of the collaboration is this new limited-edition Skepta Havana Club 7 Bottle, which has been designed to support their shared global community.  Read more.

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    Havana Club Anejo 7 Anos dark rum was brought to the world by legendary Cuban Maestro Ronero Don Jose Navarro. It was customary for the Cuban Maestros to drink Extra aged rums at the distillery but it was Don Jose Navarro who decided to share this very style of rum with the rest of the world. Some rums are made to be mixed, this style was made to be savoured neat. Putting to good use the tradition and the skills previous generations of Maestros handed down to him, Navarro blended and aged his nectar over numerous cycles in order to create a very complex rum with a wealth of flavours that remains incredibly easy to enjoy neat.

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