El Dorado 25 Year Old Demerara Rum, 70 cl

El Dorado 25 Year Old Demerara Rum, 70 cl

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The highly limited 25 Year Old Demerara Rum is rich, smooth and mellow with viscous mouth-feel and subtle notes of caramel and heavy fruit cake.   The finish develops slowly and leaves opulence to last.  Beautifully presented, El Dorado’s 25 year old is incredibly rare, housed in a decanter style sculpted glass bottle – hinting at its luxurious flavour.  It is a blend of the world’s only wooden Coffey still, the unique double wooden pot still and 2 types of column still and has been aged for exactly 25 years in small American Oak casks. It’s bottled in limited quantities each year and only released on allocation a small quantity of which we are delighted to be able to offer.   Read more.

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    “El Dorado' was a legendary King from Guyana who was fabled to have his body dusted in Gold who also lived in a city made of it too. Whilst it may not be the 1st place that springs to mind when you think of Rum, it has been produced there since the mid 17th Century. Whilst Sugar Cane had been planted in Guyana for a number of years, the distillation process was not known in the country until around 1650. Perhaps unsurprisingly once the process was fully understood this new alcoholic drink was so well received that by 1670 it is said that every single sugar estate on the island had started to distil.

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    Highly limited and highly recommended

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