Dodd's Small Batch Original Gin, 50 cl

Dodd's Small Batch Original Gin, 50 cl

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A brilliant small batch gin from The London Distillery Company, distilled on the site of a former Victorian dairy in Battersea, South London. Dodd’s Gin is distilled with 100% organic botanicals certified by the Soil Association, including honey sourced for each batch from different bee hives across London, and bottled at a robust 49.9% ABV. Wonderfully soft and smooth, Dodd’s Gin is a superb example of craft distilling at its very best. Read more.

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    The London Distillery Company formed to showcase the outstanding  artisan gin distilleries in the UK and beyond and the extraordinary  gins that they have created. Our gin distillers have given up their jobs, remortgaged their houses, turned their kitchens into laboratories and scoured the ends of the earth (and occasionally also their own back gardens!) to source the finest herbs, spices, fruits and flowers, all in the pursuit of creating the greatest hand crafted small batch gins. With over 30 independent artisan distilleries and more than 70 craft gins to choose from, we are sure that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Craft Gins.

    Tasting Notes

    A slightly sweeter take on your usual gin!

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