Asahi Super Dry Beer, 330 ml

Asahi Super Dry Beer, 330 ml

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A refreshing barley flavour and crisp after taste. Perhaps unsurprisingly the brewery states it goes well with Sushi. Clean and crisp with a restrained bitterness and a subtle citrus aroma, this light golden beer was Japan's first "dry" lager. Its deft, distinct dryness comes from a carefully concise fermentation period, a minimum four week maturation period and the traditional addition of a small amount of rice. Fresh and with plenty of balanced finesse, Read more.

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    Asahi Super Dry Beer, 330 ml


    Launched in Japan in 1987 to instant acclaim. Much is made of its own nurtured yeast (No 318) which the brewery maintains its beer remains of the highest quality and dry in taste.

    Tasting Notes

    A refreshing barley flavour.

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