Wray & Nephew

Wray & Nephew is Jamaica’s most recognised and beloved rum. It’s been distilled on the island for almost two hundred years and no matter the occasion, Wray & Nephew will find its way into a Jamaican celebration. In Kingston, it’s even poured onto the foundations of new buildings to cleanse and ward-off evil spirits, giving the term ‘versatile rum’ a whole new meaning.

Wray & Nephew is a strong and flavourful white rum with subtle notes of banana and pineapple. It comes from the Appleton Estate, one of the only six distilleries currently operating in Jamaica under the strict Geographical Indication rules that give the rum its signature Jamaican ‘funk'. Aside from being wildly popular, it was also the first distiller to award the title of ‘master blender’ to a woman, the brilliant chemist Joy Spence. Wray & Nephew can be enjoyed straight, but is more commonly a great addition to cocktails, like a mai tai or punch. Shop the range online here.