Wheat Beer, White Beer & Weiss Beer

All the beers in this collection are brewed using a large proportion of wheat – this is where their similarities end though. Wheat Beer is the broadest of these three categories, describing any beer where a substantial portion of the grain used in the brewing process is wheat. They have a special place in the hearts of beer drinkers, because wheat beers are exceptionally hard to make – they’re made with the same ingredients used for making bread, and the brewer must constantly fight to control the sugar and get the flavour right.

In the United States, White Beer is a style of beer that uses clean American yeasts that are much less troublesome to work with. They are a lot more hoppy, crisp, and reminiscent of barley-based beers. Witbier however, or ‘white beer’, if you translate the term from Flemish, is an ancient brewing technique from Europe that creates cloudy beers with distinct bready notes, often brewed with the addition of coriander, citrus, or other spices. Our Wheat Beer collection has plenty of variety, so shop to your heart’s content and enjoy tasty beers delivered to your door.