When it comes to ultra-premium Polish vodkas, Ultimat is at the top of the list. Expertly crafted to deliver an incredibly balanced drinking experience, Ultimat Vodka is the only Polish vodka to use three different source ingredients for the distillation; wheat for smoothness, rye for complexity, and potato for richness. This unique balance - matched by exacting standards in the four stage distillation process - are what makes Ultimat one of the highest regarded premium vodkas on the market today.

If it’s a neat vodka you like to drink, Ultimat has simply got to be part of your bar or drinks cabinet, as the profile is just so smooth and clean. But don’t let this smoothness dissuade you from getting to work constructing your favourite Martini around Ultimat’s intricate flavour profile, which yields subtly fruity, sweet and creamy notes when mixed. Ultimat is an incredible go-to for Dry, Dirty, Vespa, and Gibson vodka Martinis. Grab your bottle today from our online shop.