The Glenlivet

Let’s take a minute to recount the incredible story of how The Glenlivet came to be. Picture the scene: Scottish Highlands, 1822. Whisky production is outlawed, but this doesn’t stop The Glenlivet founder, George Smith, from toiling away to master his craft. The remote valley of Livet, with its abundant spring water, provided George all the protection he needed from jealous neighbours and eagle-eyed officials. In his relative isolation, George took his sweet time, distilling slowly and ageing his whisky thoroughly. The result was a whisky as irresistible as it was illicit. So irresistible that King George IV insisted on tasting a dram for himself on a state visit. He was impressed indeed. The path to legitimacy was clear and just two years later The Glenlivet was granted license to make the Scotch that soon became world famous; a status it maintains to this day. George’s neighbours weren’t impressed to say the least and he took to carrying two loaded flint pistols at all times to ward them off. This spirit of grit, resilience and determination is the foundation for The Glenlivet.

The whisky itself is as bold and memorable as George was. The archetypal Speyside dram, each product delivers glorious notes of honey and creamy smooth texture, as well as its own unique character, from Founder’s Reserve all the way up to XXV 25 Year Old.

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