When you need a quick pick-me-up, Supermalt comes to the rescue. This rich and sweet malt drink is sort of related to beers, but Supermalt is designed to give a quick boost of energy, not fun – so the natural sugars are preserved instead of being turned into alcohol, giving it a creamy, sweet consistency and dark colour. Supermalt is full of B vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and made entirely out of raw materials of vegetable origin. This means it's natural and completely safe for vegans and vegetarians.

Supermalt was developed in 1972 for the Nigerian army, to re-energise the troops and help them get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. From there, the brand expanded to the Caribbean and later the UK, where it became a staple of the Afro-Caribbean diet. The packaging hasn't changed much throughout the decades, and neither has the recipe – Supermalt is just as delicious and nutritious as it's always been. Buy yourself a pack online today to revisit your childhood flavours or find a new, energy boosting favourite.

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