SugarSin looks like a quaint, modest sweet shop in Covent Garden, yet their sweets are a worldwide success. They’ve been named one of the best artisanal confections in the UK for their innovative approach to inventing new delicious flavours to serve to their fans. Some of the things they do are quite traditional – you’ll see milk chocolates alongside gummy sweets and lollipops, but the reason they get us excited are their alcohol-flavoured gummies.

SugarSin infuses their gummies with real cocktail or wine essence, providing a true explosion of flavour. Their sweets aren’t just tasty, they’re also vegan and enjoyable to look at, and contain purely natural flavours. For something special, we recommend their Fizzy Bubbly Gummies, which are made with real sparkling wine and sprinkled with fizzy sugar crystals. Shop the SugarSin range here with us at The Bottle Club and give your house party an infusion of fun.