Stolichnaya, often affectionately referred to as Stoli, is one of the most recognisable vodka brands in the world. Most of its ingredients come from Latvia, where the majority of Stoli vodka sold in the West is actually made. Stolichnaya is a typically smooth vodka with a slightly sweet and creamy taste. It's sophisticated enough to be drunk on its own – especially if you stick the bottle in the freezer for a couple of hours – and most vodka buffs would agree that you should.

Aside from your classical Stoli, The Bottle Club online range boasts a few excellent flavoured vodkas for fans of the exotic. Citrus, Apple, and Cucumber to name just a few. The subtle infusions complement the malty base just right. For larger parties, a Stolichnaya Elit Vodka Jeroboam provides three litres of supreme vodka – and for those who just want to buy a handy taster or two, Stoli also comes in miniatures.