Stanton & Killeen

Stanton & Killeen is a seventh generation, family owned winery in Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia. Today the winery is internationally recognised for producing bold, traditional red wines, cultivating rare Portuguese grape varieties, and also for making stand-out quality fortified wines. The Bottle Club online store is proud to bring you a selection of our favourites, available to buy online today.

The story of Stanton & Killeen began almost two hundred years ago, with the Victorian gold rush of 1851. The family travelled to Australia from England in the hope of striking it lucky. Those particular hopes tarnished and faded with time, but the spirit of perseverance led to the planting of vineyards in Rutherglen. It was the liquid gold that came from these vines that eventually brought fortune to the family, and the business has passed down from generation to generation ever since. Fans of fortified wines are in exactly the right place, as The Bottle Club brings you a selection of these rich, expressive delights, which are among the best of their kind, representing great quality and rich history, as well as superb value for money.