Sourz is a lot more than just a fun drink for shots and parties, even though there’s no shame in an occasional Sourz Apple shot to get the night going in the right direction. This is how the brand first became popular – Sourz were known for their tangy sour taste, which was much more appealing than spirits, and made them perfect for shots.

But since the mixologists can’t look at any ingredient without imagining what twist it would give to a margarita, Sourz eventually found its way into a variety of cocktails and pitchers. Even though you’ll still see an occasional shot being poured, the brains behind the brand are constantly introducing new flavours to entice bartenders to experiment. A sour component is one of the key elements to a good cocktail, so Sourz might just have a bright and sparkly future outside of nightclubs. To start experimenting with Sourz, shop our collection below and try a new flavour or two.