Snacks & Treats

Behold! Our glorious selection of boozy treats and snacks for every occasion is here for all your munchy needs. From spreadable mojitos to Bailey’s Popcorn, this page is full of tongue tingling conversation starters. Just imagine having friends over and offering them anything from this sentence: Pink Gin Jaffa Cakes? Raspberry Champagne Boozy Chocolate Truffles? This is what happens when adults make treats for adults.

If you’re shopping for gifts, then you’re definitely in the right place. What goes better with a bottle of gin than a Love Cocoa Earl Grey Chocolate bar? Perhaps a few Gin Gummies, – we’ll let you decide when you’ve tried them all. And if you want to play it safe, you can always get a Toblerone or a box of devilishly delicious Ferrero Rocher. We’ve curated this selection so that you can have snacks delivered to your door just like the drinks, saving you a trip to the supermarket. Buy everything from crisps to sweets online here.