Royal Salute

Royal Salute is a whisky brand unlike any other. To understand the excellence, tradition, and the connection to the British Monarchy, it’s important to go back to how and why the brand first started. In 1953, when the young Princess Elizabeth ascended the throne, a need arose for a special kind of tribute fit for a new queen. An exquisite blend was created using whisky from Sthratisla, the oldest working distillery in the Highlands. Only whisky aged twenty-one years and above was allowed into the blend, and as a tribute to the twenty-one gun salute, appropriately named ‘Royal Salute’.

To this day, every significant event in the lives of the British Royals has been marked by this extraordinary whisky. The master blenders at their distillery in Speyside have a collection of special whiskys that continue to mature under their supervision, until they’re ready to take their part in one of their luxurious blends. Our Royal Salute Range includes a range of the most popular blends, including the Emerald, Signature, and Sapphire Wade Whisky, as well as miniatures to satisfy your curiosity. Browse and buy online here.