Ron Zacapa

There are lots of great reasons to create a rum brand – doing it to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of your home town is the best one in our opinion, and also the story behind the creation of Ron Zacapa. In 1976, the town of Zacapa in Guatemala commissioned the creation of a special rum, one aided by the natural altitude of the facility it was aged in, which minimised evaporation and created a superbly smooth finish. This is one of the two things Ron Zacapa is known for – three if you also count in their master blender Lorena Vásquez, the epitome of cool – the other being the petate weaving, which adorns every bottle. The traditional weaving makes the bottles stand out and employs over seven hundred female artisans in the process.
Ron Zacapa is made with the first press of sugar cane, rather than molasses, which makes its taste even cleaner. This is a beautifully gentle rum with expressive aromas, perfect for sipping or mixing into refined cocktails. Our collection includes the 23 Year Old Solera Rum, and well as their premium Ron Zacapa XO offering. But a bottle online today and get excited for the postman.

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