From the volcanic lowlands of the Jalisco Valley, bejewelled with dramatic blue agave plants casting angular shadows in the midday sun, right to your doorstep. Prospero is a tequila brand all about respect for tradition, culture, and preserving pride in the spirit of the landscape of Mexico’s prime tequila producing region; glorious Jalisco.

The passion-project of the brightest female star this generation of Master Distillers has produced in Mexico - Stella Anguinao - what you’re about to discover is a true taste of family tradition, mixed with modern day knowhow, and a good pinch of passionate intuition. The tequilas are all exceptional, from Reposado to Anejo, but in our opinion it’s the Prospero Blanco that steals the show. Bringing phenomenal quality for exceptional value is what we’re all about, and so we’re thrilled to offer you the full range of Prospero tequila from our online shop today.