Portuguese Beer

Portuguese culture and particularly its gastronomic offerings are the stuff of legend. This food-loving mediterranean nation definitely knows its way around a meal, but what about the beer? The world of Portuguese Beer is famous for producing crisp, refreshing, flavourful Pilsner style lagers, with the most famous and widely loved brands being Super Bock and Sagres. These breweries both came to prominence around 1925, and have gone from strength to strength since then, while staying true to their family-owned roots.

Beers from Portugal have a well earned reputation for using the best ingredients and the most up-to-date methods in their breweries, and this is the reason why beers like Super Bock have become well-loved by international lager lovers. Whether you’re looking to create a gift for a beer-lover, impress a lager connoisseur, try something new for yourself, or stock up on a trusted favourite, you’ll do well not to overlook Portuguese Beer. Click on through to our online shop and prepare to be refreshed.