Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin is nothing short of an institution. Hailing, of course, from the port city of Plymouth on England's South West coast. The distillery is the oldest functioning gin distillery in the country, having started out in 1793. The building itself goes back even further, with parts still standing that were erected in the early 1400’s. With history as deep as the sea itself, it’s easy to see why Plymouth is so beloved by its patrons.

A couple of hundred years of distillation will teach you a thing or two, and the fine folks at Plymouth Gin have learnt that the key to longevity is keeping it simple. You’ll find their flagship gin, shipshape and ready to set sail straight to your doorstep in all it’s juniper accented glory. It’s just a click away in our online shop. Oh, and special mention to their Sloe Gin too, which is made once every year using fresh sloe berries. You simply have to try it.