You can’t go wrong when you grab the world’s bestselling passion fruit liqueur for your Passion Fruit Martini. Passoa is simply better than the rest. You'll know it from the first sip. Passoa is zesty, fruity, tropical, and it tastes like a vacation. Created in the Netherlands in 1986 specifically to be used in cocktails, Passoa works best in harmony with other ingredients. A Passion Fruit martini isn't the only drink where a bit of Passoa makes a big difference though. Sangrias with rosé and Passoa are all the rage right now, and so are whimsical passion fruit twists on classics, like the Passion Fruit Mojito.

Point is, having a bottle of Passoa in your cupboard is fundamental, because you never know when life will throw you a few lemons, limes, and guests, and you'll have to whip up a cocktail storm with limited resources. Buy a bottle of Passoa online now, the choice of trusted bartenders.

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