Opihr – the name itself evokes sweet spices and silken riches. The legendary London Spiced Gin takes inspiration from a historical Philippine region, known for its Solomonic-era riches, and makes an extraordinary spirit. All the botanicals in a bottle of Opihr are the same ones a spice merchant would have encountered on the long journey from East Asia to the United Kingdom – spicy cubeb berries from Indonesia, cardamom and tellycherry black pepper from India, coriander from Morocco, and more.

Sure, you can make a lovely G&T with Opihr – especially if you add some orange peel and a dash of bitters, yet the spicy undertones that make this gin special can add a hot twist on any gin cocktail you can think of, too. Make your Negronis a bit more peppery, spice up your gin sours, make entirely new combinations, and embrace the spirit of discovery and exploration – just like the spice traders of old. Shop the online Opihr range now.

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