Metaxa is the original Greek amber spirit, inviting your senses to explore the flavours of the Mediterranean. A masterful blend of Samos Muscat wines, aged wine-distillates and island botanicals, Metaxa was first created in 1880 by Spyros Metaxa. Born in 1848 to a family of silk merchants, Spyros was an adventurous spirit and a man of taste, who decided to establish his own business in fine goods at an early age. Always travelling, he discovered different spirits and wines from around the world, although even the finest beverages back then tended to be harsh on the palate. Spyros dreamt of crafting a unique spirit that was smooth yet intense. What he created then is what we bring you today in our online shop - a range of spirits to take your senses on a vibrant, luxurious journey.

Metaxa’s unique and smooth character makes it ideal for sipping like a fine brandy, as well as forming the basis for beguiling and original cocktails like Greek Sidecar or Metaxa Alexander.