Louis Jadot

Louis Jadot is a winery in Burgundy, France - easily one of the most revered winemaking regions in the world. At the heart of these cuvees is a deep reverence for the land that produces such phenomenal wines, year in year out. It’s the remarkable ‘terroir’ present throughout Burgundy that has enabled the region to captivate imaginations by delighting palates throughout history. Louis Jadot consider it their mission to continue this legacy by bringing you classic examples of traditional Burgundy styles, and all at incredible value for money.

Founded in 1859 by Louis Henri Denis Jadot, the years have been kind to the brand. Today they own a large number of hectares under vine, all in Burgundy, including plots in some of the most prized appellations. All this hard work from Louis Jadot means you can now buy whichever Burgundy style you prefer from this wonderful winery, just click right on through to our online shop.

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