Liquid Intellect

Liquid Intellect are out to accomplish a noble mission; to bring you pre-mixed, bar quality, delicious, fun, nostalgic cocktails, without you having to lift a finger. And you know what? They’ve only gone and done it! Hand -bottling everything from their Soho base, bright eyed and bushy tailed couple Charles and Eleanor draw on their passion for quality products and good times, as well as their masses of experience in the cocktail bar scene. The result is a range of pre-mixed cocktails like no other.

Their killer flavours include absolute winners like Banana Bread Manhattan, Jam Doughnut Negroni, and my personal favourite, Cookie Dough Old Fashioned (someone pinch me, I think I might’ve died and gone to heaven). The Liquid Intellect crew use all the latest technical know-how when it comes to blending, extracting and preserving flavour too, so far from being just a gimmick, these products really excel in the quality department too. Treat yourself to whichever bottle catches your eye today from our online shop.

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