On the subject of the oldest Champagne houses, let’s take a moment to talk about Lanson. Founded way back in 1760 by Francois Delamotte, Lanson gained a reputation for excellence due to their expert winemaking and taste, but they’re also famous for their entrepreneurial spirit. Lanson has always been internationally minded. They’ve been delivering fine champagne to European royals since the beginning of the nineteenth century. They’re still the purveyor of champagne to the British royal family, which is why they get to display the coat of arms of Elizabeth II on their bottles.

Lanson built their reputation on finesse and freshness. Their Champagnes are unmistakably fruit-driven and crisp. Their core range is affordable too, even featuring an Organic Lanson Green Label, a lovely thing to see in such an old and respected brand. Choose between gift sets, minis, and half-bottles of Lanson’s vintage and non-vintage Champagne from our collection.