Jamaican Rum

Jamaican rums are renowned for their quality and strength of character. Spiced, white, blended, flavoured, cask-aged, or even smoked, all Jamaican rums come from the island’s fine sugarcane. First introduced by Christopher Columbus, sugarcane found its ideal growing conditions in the limestone waters and ideal climate of Jamaica. To this day, the molasses from Jamaican sugarcane are said to produce the boldest-flavoured rums in the world. There are also a large proportion of pot-stills in use in the Jamaican rum industry, giving the rums a fuller body and more robust profile than those from other islands. Jamaican rum styles favour a natural fermentation method, lending to a characteristic ‘funk’ in many famous examples.

The Appleton Estate is the oldest established producer of Jamaican rum, having been founded in 1749. In fact, Appleton Estate is largely responsible for Jamaican rum’s consistent good reputation throughout history. Today our online shop brings you plenty of Appleton Estate as well as newer brands like Navy Island and The Duppy Share.