Flor de Caña

Do you love rum? Here at The Bottle Club, we’re all about the best drinks in the world. And that includes Flor de Caña Rum. It’s sustainably produced from field to bottle and is a great addition to any bar cart or home collection. We have it available online for purchase with next day delivery!

Flor de Caña is the world’s best-selling Nicaraguan Rum. It’s sustainably produced, and has won over 100 awards since its launch in 1890. This fine rum only uses sugarcane grown on their own plantations, which means they can control every step of production to ensure quality remains high throughout the process. This includes harvesting by hand to avoid bruising or tearing of the cane stalks, fermenting with natural yeast found in sugarcane juice rather than commercial yeasts that are often used in other rums, and distilling using pot stills instead of continuous column stills – all steps that contribute to creating a more complex flavor profile. And because Flor de Caña don’t add any artificial flavors or colors during production, this allows us to produce an authentic rum with a rich golden color and subtle sweetness that comes from aging it up to 12 years in American Oak casks before being filtered through activated charcoal – making it one of the smoothest rums available today!

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