Faith & Sons

When Felipe Sousa's family moved from Portugal to the UK they took a huge leap of faith – 'running away from the obvious' is both his family motto and the brand's. A former master bartender and apprentice distiller, Felipe learned about distilling in Germany and gained permission from his wife to remove the kitchen dining table and install a small flame-fired copper still in its place – thus, Faith & Sons was born. This is a brand built on faith and hard work, which worked pretty well for Felipe, since he moved the operation into a fully-fledged micro distillery soon after the first delicious spirits were launched. All of them, from the zesty gin liqueurs to cold press coffee gins, showcase the methodical German precision of his mentorship, as well as organic botanicals from Portugal.

Even though Faith & Sons is a microdistillery, its range of flavours showcases mature expertise with a playful touch. The focus is on gin, of course, but each of the botanicals added to it shines through to create a seductive flavour profile. Have a little faith and shop the Faith & Sons collection online here.