There’s a big lick of irony to the DRTY brand name, because their drinks are some of the cleanest out there. Carb and gluten free, low calorie, and completely vegan, these hard seltzers are making waves with their fruity, guilt-free flavours.

It’s a clever trick the devious folks at DRTY are playing, and one that unfolds in three stages. First they make the boozy base by fermenting fruit. Not just any old fruit though, DRTY choose fruit with a 100% fermentable sugar profile, which means there’s never any residual sugar or carbohydrates in the finished drink. Next DRTY drinks get a boost of bubbles from purified sparkling water, giving things a refreshing lift. Lastly the DRTY brewers add a careful balance of natural fruits and aromatic essences to finish off the flavour with a flourish. Hard Seltzers might be new on the block, but DRTY are kicking down the door and making a seriously flamboyant entrance to the party. Buy yours today from The Bottle Club online shop.

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