Domaine des Malandes

When you buy Domaine des Malandes online from The Bottle Club, you’re buying a true taste of Chablis, a region of Burgundy famous throughout the winemaking world for its unique terroir and powerful yet elegant white wines, always made from 100% chardonnay. Within this most notable appellation, Domaine des Malandes are the real deal. A third generation winemaking family with a passion that matches their ability, who have been producing wines with finesse and precision since 1949. These days operations are managed by brother and sister team Richard and Amandine, who were placed in control by their mother, Lyne, in 2018. Lyne had in turn acquired the passion and know-how from her parents, Andre and Gabriel Tremblay.

Domaine des Malandes has kept up with the times and use the latest in modern technology to ensure the wines possess a rare and deeply satisfying aura of purity, with a light touch of oak in the cellar allowing the clean, fresh, fruity essence of carefully harvested chardonnay to shine through across the range.