Chateau Mont Thabor

When only a glass of full-bodied red wine will do, you’re always going to be safe when you opt for a Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and Chateau Mont Thabor have a historical reputation for producing great wines from this world famous region, in the south of France’s Rhone valley. Chateau Mont Thabor will never disappoint when it comes to full-bodied, powerful, sophisticated red wines, and their success over the last 200 odd years stands as testament to that fact.

This historic chateau does the vast majority of its business in the French domestic market - it’s not just a cliche that the French keep the best plonk for themselves, you know - so we feel privileged to present you the opportunity to buy these classic styles from our online shop today. Chateau Mont Thabor always deliver the best of their region’s classic styles, with unusual levels of poise, finesse, and skill. Now, where’s that steak?