Chairman's Reserve

Quite simply Saint Lucia’s finest. With every sip you take of Chairman’s Reserve Rum, your senses take you to a tropical island paradise. Beach-side palms sway in the ocean breeze, verdant rainforest carpets the iconic Mount Piton in the distance, and the sounds of laidback island culture drift through the air.

The Caribbean island of St. Lucia has an extensive history of rum making, which began in the 1700s when sugar cane was first planted there. The rum trade went through many volatile periods over the following centuries, with many once flourishing distilleries from the Caribbean islands forced to close their doors for all manner of different reasons. St. Lucia was no exception. It took the enterprising force of rum revolutionary and "Chairman" of St. Lucia Distillers, Laurie Barnard, to rekindle the flames, which he did in 1999. Today Chairman’s Reserve fills its rightful place in the booming rum industry, and we’re proud to offer you their splendid rums, available to buy today in our online shop. Spiced, Aged, or Reserve, this proud distillery always brings the vibes.