Buss No. 509

Prepare to meet Buss Spirits, the lovechild of the very talented Mr Serge Buss, restaurant legend, culinary prodigy, all round good egg. Coming to you out of Antwerp, Belgium, gastronomic excellence runs in the family line for Serge; his father owned and ran a string of highly successful restaurants and his grandfather once cooked for Belgian royalty. Drawing on this heritage, Serge sets about his mission to create innovative, authentically crafted spirits with mass appeal as well as artisan values. The result, of course, is Buss Spirits, available online today from The Bottle Club shop.

When you taste Buss Spirits, try taking a second to appreciate the layer-on-layer of process that has led to this moment of sensory perfection. Serge is an experimenter first and foremost, but he believes firmly that the work of the masters of the past truly provides the basis for future excellence. Having tasted his gins, rums, and vodkas ourselves, we’re inclined to trust his expertise, and we think you might, too.