Black Lodge Potions

If you crave your flavoured gins with an occult edge, Black Lodge Potions have got just the thing to sate your thirst. Liquor for lost souls. Drinks for the demoniacal. Whistle-wetters for witchcraft. It’s all right here. Black Lodge Potions is the place to go for all you brave and curious drinkers, in need of fine and fantastical beverages to assist you on your search for sorcery.

As well as hitting the spot when it comes to the dark arts, Black Lodge Potions are all carefully crafted to deliver balanced and brilliant flavour profiles. Wild Strawberry & Black Pepper, Dark Cherry & Chocolate, or Stinging Nettle & Honey, these potent potions over-deliver when it comes to flavour, as well as invoking the spirit world. Shop online now and summon the perfect sip for your séance, potion for a spooky themed party, or libation for a dark liturgy, delivered right to your front door.