Traditional by name, traditional by nature, Bell’s stays true to Scotch whisky practises. The brand was first born in 1825 by Arthur Bell who spent 50 years perfecting the Bell’s blend. Matured in oak cases, this blended Scotch whisky has fruity, malty and woody notes.

Even though he was a pro at the blending and aging processes, Arthur Bell never put his name to his bottles. He was a modest man and believed great whisky should speak for itself. When he passed, AK Bell, his son, labelled his creation with the name we know and love today.

You’ll also find ‘Afore ye go’ written on the cap which translates to ‘stay a little longer’. This is the brand’s friendly invite to spend even more minutes savouring the flavour of a good whisky.
For a taste of Speyside history, choose a glass or two of Bell’s Original Blended Whisky, ready to enjoy over ice or with a splash of cola.