Barcraft is, quite simply, the home of barware. So if you’re looking to bring that professional bar feel to your home, look no further. Barcraft products range from formal glassware to shot glasses; from stainless steel jiggers to copper Champagne stoppers; from carafes to corkscrews; from novelty cocktail shakers to elegant wine racks; double-walled coolers to creative ice trays, stoppers, muddlers, pourers, pumps, and everything in between. Barcraft keep a keen eye on value too, so you can afford to get carried away.

It’s hard to imagine a better one-stop-shop than Barcraft. You’ll find creative and novelty options that make for perfect gifts, as well as everything you need to get the party started. When you combine the tools that Barcraft bring to the table, with the enormous selection of bottles available to buy in The Bottle Club online shop, the only real limit is your imagination. Time to get crafty.