Home of the no.1 Japanese beer, Asahi stands for quality ingredients and we wouldn’t expect anything else. By using cultured yeast (we promise that’s a good thing) and advanced brewing techniques, the Asahi brand prides itself on rich flavours, pure refreshment and silky smoothness.

Before Asahi hit shelves in 1987, Japanese beers were seen as bitter, hard to drink and didn’t pair well at all with food. This wasn't what people wanted and instead, Asahi went on a mission to brew a dry, crisp beer with a quick, clean finish. These easy-to-drink but dry beers are the perfect complements to sushi, udon or tempura and were so popular in Japan they were known by their own name, Karakuchi 辛口 and redefined this whole genre.

To this date, Asahi’s Super Dry beers are still brewed with the same authentic Japanese recipe, sticking to the same superior ingredients and brewing standards since they began. So not only are you buying a fresh beer or two online for a hot summer’s day, but these are a real taste of Japanese culture.