Whisky and Chocolate – The Perfect Match?

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Whisky and Chocolate – The Perfect Match?
No matter how old you get, chocolate will always be the treat we reach out for, but now that you’re more sophisticated why not start pairing that chocolate with the perfect whisky? Because what could be better than spending an evening with a perfectly paired chocolate and a glass of delicious whisky? Here’s our guide to whisky and chocolate pairings.

When looking to pair whisky with chocolate it’s important to look to match flavours that complement, but not overpowering. A smoky or spicy flavoured whisky makes a great pairing to a sweet chocolate whilst a stronger, bitter chocolate pairs better with a sweeter whisky.  However, it’s not always about complimenting flavours, contrasting flavours can also be an interesting experiment.

Which chocolate pairs with which whisky?


Dark chocolate matches with smooth, sweet whiskeys

Whisky and chocolate

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Auchentoshan 12 year

Glenmorangie Signet

White chocolate pairs well with smokey whiskeys

Whisky and chocolate

Port Charlotte Scotch Barley Whisky

Bowmore 12 Year

Milk chocolate pairs well with oaky whiskies

Whisky and chocolate

The Glenlivet 15 Year

Jura 10 Year

Once you’ve found your match try taking a sip of whisky and then try a piece of chocolate. Allow it to melt, swizzling it around your mouth allowing the flavours to combine together. At this point, you will start picking up the new flavour of the chocolate with the lingering flavour of the whisky. Take another sip while the melting chocolate remains and you will notice how the chocolate transforms the taste of the whisky from start to finish. This combination will give you an entirely new whisky drinking experience!