Sip and Play: The Ultimate Eurovision Drinking Game

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Sip and Play: The Ultimate Eurovision Drinking Game

If you're planning on throwing a Eurovision party this year, then you're in luck! We've got the perfect drinking game to add some excitement to the night. Did you know there is an OFFICIAL unofficial Eurovision drinking game?!

This game is easy to follow, and you don't even need to print anything out. Just follow @eurovisiondrink on Twitter, and every time something happens, take a sip of your drink. And don't forget to drink responsibly and have plenty of snacks available.

How to Play

During the show, you'll be taking one sip for each of the following events:

  • Bad joke by the presenter(s)
  • Presenter(s) change into something new
  • A rainbow flag appears to support the LGBTQ+ community
  • A whole bunch of confetti turns the stage into a ticker-tape parade
  • Crazy dancers appear during a performance
  • Crowd selfie with the back of the audience
  • Innuendo during a song
  • Dramatic key change in the middle of a song
  • Switching from one language to another - swap drinks with someone!
  • Turning on all the lights at once
  • Pyrotechnics fire at some point during the song
  • Removing a part of the outfit
  • Singer from another country appears - take a sip of someone else's drink!
  • Smoke machine is used 
  • Strobes flash quickly

Plus, we've added a few ideas of our own to maximise the fun: 

  • Wardrobe malfunction: If a performer has a wardrobe malfunction, take one drink.
  • Awkward silence: If there's an awkward silence during the show, everyone takes a drink.
  • Technical difficulties: If there are any technical difficulties during a performance, take one drink.
  • Unusual instrument: If a performer plays an unusual instrument, such as a bagpipe or a didgeridoo, take one drink.
  • Duet or collaboration: If two or more performers collaborate or sing a duet together, everyone takes a drink.

And during the scoring rounds:

  • Take a drink when the United Kingdom gets top marks from a country
  • Take a sip when a spokesperson really milks their time on air.
  • Take a sip when the spokesperson for a country doesn't realize they're live on air
  • Take a sip when a country gives maximum marks to a neighboring country

This Eurovision drinking game is the perfect way to add some friendly competition to your party. Don't forget to follow @eurovisiondrink on Twitter for real-time updates throughout the night.

Tag us at @thebottleclub in your Eurovision set up. Cheers to a fun Eurovision party at home!