6 Best Ways To Drink Your Red Wine

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6 Best Ways To Drink Your Red Wine

Red wine is versatile and delicious, but do you know the best way to drink it?

It’s true that red wine can be enjoyed in a number of ways - but there are some pairings that are too good to miss. Whether you’re looking for a red wine to drink with food, a red wine to send as a gift, or a red wine for someone who likes to drink it cold, we’ve got you covered. Find out how to make the most of every glass with our 6 best ways to drink your red wine.


1. Best red wine to drink cold

Sometimes having a cold glass of wine is a necessity. This is especially true in summer when you need something cool and refreshing. One of the first things people learn about wine is that white should be chilled and red should be served at a warmer temperature, but this isn’t always strictly true.

There are some exceptions to the rule, which is great if you’re looking for a chilled red to enjoy of an afternoon. Try a Pinot Noir for something that is fruity, fresh and delicious served chilled. Many wine connoisseurs will tell you that a Pinot Noir tastes a lot better when chilled as the coolness takes away the high acidity and brings the fruity flavours to the fore.


2. Best red wine to have with beef 

The best rule with meat is the leaner the cut, the lighter the red. Wines with higher acid content will go well with a leaner meat – so a fillet steak and a Merlot will pair nicely, whereas a more intense dish like a beef curry will pair well with a more intense red like a Shiraz or Sangiovese.


3. Best red wine to take to a dinner party

Avoid making a dinner party faux pas and bringing the wrong wine, by taking something that pairs well with a good array of foods and is easy to drink.

A cabernet sauvignon like the Errazuriz Max Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with lots of different foods and suits most palates. Velvety on the palate, this wine is versatile and has a subtle touch of sweet spices making it a great wine to pair with any course.


  • 4. Best red wine to drink with cheese

  • Cheese and wine really are a match made in heaven and when you pair the right red with the right cheese, you’re on to a winner. Here’s how to enjoy your red with different cheeses.

    Port and Blue Cheese - the full-bodied richness of the port and the strength of blue cheese compliment each other perfectly.

    Rioja and Manchego - with rich aromas of red fruit and sweet notes of vanilla, Rioja tastes great with the buttery flavour of manchego.

    Malbec and Cheddar - everyone loves cheddar, and this is probably the easiest going pairing of wine and cheese there is. Malbec is rich and generous on the palate, which compliments an aged cheddar beautifully.


  • 5. Best red wine to celebrate

  • If you want something a little special, but don’t like the taste of champagne, then a burgundy is a classic red wine to drink when you’re celebrating. Whether it’s a graduation, an anniversary, or you’ve just had a great day, a burgundy screams luxury and class.


    6. Best red wine for dessert

    Merlot is perfect for something silky that compliments any dessert with ease. For a dark chocolatey richness, go for the Boschendal 1685 Merlot which offers multi-layered complexity. If you’re after something a little bit spicier then try a shiraz with sweeter desserts like ice creams and toffee or chocolate flavours.


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